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Who is the D.O.C Net Worth?

Who is the D.O.C Net Worth?

D.O.C Net Worth

American rapper and producer D.O.C net worth has $2 million. His most famous work is his solo album No One Can Do It Better and his work with the rap group N.W.A. Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Eminem are just a few of the artists that DOC has produced music for.


Tracy Lynn Curry, commonly known by her stage moniker Dr. Ripper, was born on June 10, 1968, in the United States. He rapped for an undisclosed salary and earned his $1 million fortune.

The 52-year-old has two children and is currently single (Panther Sabti Curry and Golden Lynn Curry). He is currently a resident of Los Angeles, California, United States. He was born in West Dallas, Texas. Dr. Ripper is 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) tall and weighs approximately 176 pounds (80 kg).

There is no evidence that Tracey Lynn Curry attended school. He is Gemini and Monkey according to the Chinese zodiac and astrological symbols.


In 1989, he released his first solo album No One Can Do It Better. The album reached the top spot on the US album chart. He then released a second single titled Funky Enough and the doctor and the D.О.С. The album gained popularity five years later.

In late 1989, he was driving his car when an accident nearly cost him his life. In this incident, his voice was forever changed when his throat was crushed. Verbal politeness was the beginning of a melodious method of singing long songs. He was also told by doctors that he would never be able to perform like this again. But D.О.С. never slacked in his work. He began collaborating with Dr. Dre and Ѕnоор Dоgg.

While he was recovering, he released two more albums. Alter Kelter, their most recent album, was released in 1996. DеUCE, their second album, came out in 2003. Between the two of them, they are working on their fourth album, Voices through Nothing. The sound has changed a lot from before. Now it’s more of a rap about society.

DOC’s dating life attracts a lot of attention. His first marriage resulted in the birth of a daughter. Her most memorable little girl, “Part,” was born on Walk 25, 1991. Rуkаh аdu was another girlfriend. She is possibly the most notable female singer. She dated him for a long time. But they never tied the knot. She also had a daughter from her relationship with DOC. Born in 2004, their daughter is named Рumа.

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Curry, the couple later left.

What will the D.O.C Net Worth and Salary is in 2022?

The D.O.C net worth is $2 million by 2022–2023. He earned only a small amount as a musician. Additionally, he acted in a few motion pictures, which added immensely to his total assets. Hot Vessels has previously released four albums, No One Can Do It Better, Helter Skelter, Deuce, and Voices. His growing wealth was facilitated by each of these records.

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